How you can give us your support

We really appreciate your support. Any help means a lot to our team.
Thank you for being an essential part of our journey.

Option 1 – Make a donation by bank transfer

You can make a significant impact by supporting the team with a direct donation to our team accounts GRIZZLIES BRAȘOV. It's a simple process:

Transfer the amount you wish to contribute from your personal account using the following information:
Fiscal identification code (CIF): 48479952
Address: Str. Lalelelor, Nr. 21, Sc. B, Ap. 13, 500393, Brașov, Județ Brașov.
Banca Transilvania
Very important:
In the section "Payment Details", please specify "donation” to ensure that your contribution reaches our team's cause.

Option 2 – 3.5% income tax redirection.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could direct a portion of your previous year's income tax to a cause you believe in? Instead of letting those funds go to the discretion of the government, you have the option of redirecting them to a specific association.

Creating and supporting a baseball club with teams of various ages requires careful budget planning to cover essential expenses. Factors such as players, coaching staff, facilities, equipment, uniforms, administrative costs and travel to various tournaments organized by Romanian Baseball and Softball Federation (FRBS), all play an important role. Your effortless contribution would be of great benefit to this club and the aspiring kids playing the sport.

Each year you have the power to choose where the 3.5% of last year's income tax is allocated. If you would like to support Grizzlies Brașov Baseball, a team dedicated to dedication and community involvement (although not fully funded), please visit this platform, and fill out a short form, which only takes 2 minutes. Go to the following link:

Option 3 – Empower our team through your company's income or profit .

Are you a tax paying company?

As a corporate tax payer, you can make a significant impact by redirecting up to 20% of your current year's corporate tax to ASOCIAȚIA CLUB SPORTIV GRIZZLIES BRAȘOV. Instead of your money going to the state, it can turn into vital financial support to strengthen our team.

Do you own a micro-enterprise? Redirects 20% of tax paid.

From 2019, any micro-enterprise in Romania can direct up to 20% of taxes paid to an NGO. This incredible opportunity allows you to have a say in how a portion of your tax is used, rather than leaving it up to the state. By forwarding your tax, you are directly helping to support our team's efforts.

Plata făcându-se direct de către autoritatea fiscală, la cererea expresă a contribuabililor, prin completarea Formularului 177.

Option 4 – Become a sponsor and support us!

We welcome sponsorship from any company, allowing them to contribute the desired amount through a sponsorship agreement.

This sponsorship approach is ideal for companies who want to support us without requiring facilities in return.

For more details, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 0726 611 913.

Your generous donation will greatly help us reach our goals and strengthen our team. We really appreciate your support!

Thank you all for your invaluable support!