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Our intention is to establish the first baseball team in the city of Brașov and introduce this exciting sport to the community. We aim to create a strong and united team that will not only excel in baseball, but also serve as a source of inspiration and growth for the entire city.

Our main objective is to make baseball accessible and popular among people of all ages in Brașov. We envision a community where children, teens, adults, and even seniors have the opportunity to learn, play, and fall in love with baseball.

Key elements of our vision:

* We introduce baseball in Brașov: we are committed to promoting baseball throughout the city by organizing events, workshops and demonstrations to showcase the excitement and beauty of the sport. We want to spark curiosity and interest among community members by encouraging them to try baseball.

* Youth development: we strongly believe in the power of youth sports and aim to build a robust youth development program. Our focus will be on creating a nurturing environment for young players to learn the fundamentals of baseball, develop their skills and foster a lifelong passion for the sport.

* Inclusion and diversity: our baseball team will be a place of inclusion, where people of all backgrounds, genders and abilities are welcomed and integrated. We aim to create an environment where everyone feels valued and encouraged to participate in this sport.

* Community involvement: we see our baseball team as a catalyst for community engagement. Through awareness programs, charity events and partnerships with local organizations, we will engage the community in this project and have a positive impact on the lives of Brasov residents.

* Struggle for excellence: while our primary goal is to introduce and grow baseball in Brașov, we also have a strong commitment to excellence. We will continuously work to develop a competitive and successful team that can represent the city in regional, national and, why not, international competitions.

* Cultivating sportsmanship and values: beyond winning games, we will emphasize the importance of sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork. Our players will be ambassadors of integrity and respect both on and off the field, setting a positive example for the community.

* State-of-the-art facilities: as our team grows, we envision having top baseball facilities in Brașov. These facilities will not only support our team's training needs, but will also provide opportunities for local schools and clubs to use them for their sports programs.

Through our vision, we aim to create a thriving baseball culture in Brașov, where the sport becomes an integral part of the community's identity. We envision a future where the city of Brașov is known not only for its beautiful landscapes and historical landmarks, but also as a hub for baseball enthusiasts and as a nursery for future baseball stars. Together we will build a legacy that will inspire future generations and enrich the lives of all those drawn to this extraordinary sport.



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Carlos Tatis was born in the baseball-loving city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. From the tender age of 5, he embarked on his journey to baseball, honing his skills and nurturing his passion for the sport. 

He lives in Brașov since 2011. With a fervent desire to introduce baseball to Brașov, Carlos Tatis took the initiative and founded "Grizzlies Brașov Baseball", the first baseball club in the city located under the magnificent Tâmpa.

This rich background of Carlos Tatis, filled with years of dedication and training, serves as the foundation for his mission to introduce and establish baseball in the heart of Brașov. Through his expertise and love of the sport, he aspires to train a new generation of baseball enthusiasts and create a lasting legacy for the city.