Grizzlies Brasov Baseball strives to create a positive atmosphere where children can learn the game of baseball, develop values and have fun. All members of the Grizzlies Brașov Baseball community have a role to play in creating this positive atmosphere. By thinking carefully about these codes of conduct and making an effort to follow them, you can help create this positive atmosphere.

  • Be supportive of your child. Encourage them all the time, especially when they are struggling.
  • Do not yell or speak negatively to your child or his peers in public.
  • Do not coach your child or teammates during a game (unless you are the coach).
  • Never let any player feel like they have lost the game. The team wins and the team loses.
  • Never yell or speak negatively to a coach, parent or opposing player.
  • Do not engage in cheering that could be considered disrespectful to or interfere with the opposing team's performance.
  • Never yell at, criticize or even give advice to a referee (even in a polite way). Comments should be directed to your coach or a league administrator.
  • Never blame a referee for the outcome of a game. Referee decisions are not always correct, but successful players learn to overcome those decisions, not use them as excuses.
  • Drop off and pick up your child on time for practices and games.
  • Keep your coach informed of unavoidable absences or late arrivals.
  • Stay off the field and out of the dugout unless serving in an official capacity.
  • Help the team coach or parent by volunteering for team tasks. Make sure you do your fair share.
  • If you are unhappy with an aspect of your child's experience, talk to the coach about it when he/she can listen. Generally, this is not immediately before or after a game.
  • Please understand that Grizzlies Brasov Baseball only happens through the efforts of our volunteers. Be grateful for their efforts.
  • Criticism should be directed to a Board member or your coach.
  • If any confrontation occurs, please step in and act as a peacemaker.
  • Never swears.
  • It will be drug and alcohol free at all Grizzlies Brașov Baseball events.
  • Must not ridicule or demean coaches, players, referees or league officials.
  • Parents will abide by the decision of league officials.
  • Consequences: Parents who cannot abide by this code of conduct will be barred from participating in games and/or have their child's playing privileges suspended.